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How do I book an appointment?

All services are by appointment only.

We kindly ask that you request an appointment through our online form. This gives us enough time to review your file and seek the best available options before contacting you.

As we are also a retail store, our associates are often busy serving other clients, making phone consultations difficult to perform without interruptions. If you are unable to complete this form, you are welcome to contact us at 905-824-4232. Our voicemail is operational and we do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

You are more than welcome to book your next appointment when leaving your current one. You can speak to your groomer to determine the proper interval for the style you like. In general, shorter cuts can go a little longer between appointments, while longer styles require more maintenance and more frequent visits.

How much does grooming cost?

Pricing varies based on a number of factors. Breed, Size, Weight, Coat Condition, Behaviour, and the style of groom you are interested in. Grooming is charged based on time and the packages we offer are intended to give a general guideline for pricing. In general, shorter cuts take less time and cost less. Longer styles take more time and cost more.

Please see the following links for more details:

Dog Grooming

Cat Grooming

How long does grooming take?

All pets are different, and all days run differently. Your groomer will do their best to provide a reasonable estimate at drop-off based on how the day is going, however, this is strictly a guideline. In most cases, small-medium dogs should expect to be with us for 1.5-2.5hours, and large-giant dogs can be anywhere from 2-4+ hours. Cats are typically 1-2 hours depending on the service chosen. We make every effort to call you when your pet is ~15-20 minutes from being done, allowing you time to come back and get them as soon as possible.

It is strongly recommended that you do not book when you have other obligations that require your pet to be ready by a specific time. Every effort is made to stay on track, but we do not rush our work for the sake of time. It is simply too risky for your pet.  

Some reasons that cause delays throughout the day:

🐾 Late drop-offs (15 minutes is the max we can accept, due to the impact on the rest of our appointments)

🐾 Pets arrive in poor condition, requiring far more time and effort

🐾 Pets needing more emotional support than expected

🐾 Client requests a style that takes longer

🐾 Clean up after pets soil the salon

🐾 Equipment/technical difficulties

🐾 Pets or groomers having an off day  

Can I stay for my pets groom?

We completely understand the desire to stay for your pets appointment, however, it is not a practical solution and can actually be quite dangerous.

Your pet loves you and most would much rather be with you than on our grooming table. For them to know you are there creates an array of distractions and behaviours that make it difficult and unsafe for both pet and groomer.

For dogs we always try to call you 15+ minutes before they are done to give you time to get back. For cats, we typically need to maintain the momentum we've got, and we'll call you when the groom is finished.

It's important to remind you that we ask you not to arrive in the store until you know your pet's groom is completed. In the final steps, groomers are working on finishing areas such as your dogs face, and if they hear or see you and become distracted, it becomes dangerous. We reserve the right to stop the groom at this point to avoid injury.

Thank you for your understanding. Your pets safety is our number one priority!

Will my pet be crated?

Dogs are crated when they are not in the direct care of a staff member. This is done for the safety of all pets and humans. We are proud to service dogs (and cats) of virtually all sizes, breeds and temperaments, making it absolutely necessary for our clients to be offered a safe space while in our care.

Please speak to a staff member about the options available to you if you do not wish for your dog to be crated.

In some cases, we will identify dogs that are not suitable for crating (aggression, anxiety) and we will discuss options with you.

How do I best prepare my pet for grooming?

Important: If there are any changes to your pets health profile it is important that you tell us as soon as possible to ensure we are aware of the situation and can respond accordingly.

We kindly ask that your pet has an opportunity to empty their bladder and bowels prior to their appointment, especially if there is a known history of soiling in the salon. We have several grassy areas on our property and waste bags are on our door handle.

If we have indicated your pet is nervous/anxious, things like going for a nice long walk or a play session to use up some of that energy can be helpful. Some time to calm down before the appointment may be needed to help your pet reset.

We ask that your dog arrive with a secure leash and collar. We are unable to exchange pets from the hands of owners as there are elevated risks for all involved.

For cats, it's important that all cats arrive in a suitable carrier.

Where your pets are required to take any medication prior to a groom, it is critical that you follow the vet's directions for timing of the pill.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Non-Shedding dogs are recommended every 4-8 weeks. Shedding dogs every 8-10 weeks. To maintain significant shed control, every 6 weeks may be required.

In general: Dogs with short styles can go a little longer between appointments, and dogs with longer or more complext styles require frequent grooming to maintain their coat. We do not perform significant dematting and dog's with matting will required shorter styles. Length will be determined by what the clippers can safely get under. We are happy to work with you to get you on a schedule that maintains the coat you want.

How often should I trim my pets nails?

We recommend a monthly nail trim for dogs. Dogs with long nails should come every 2 weeks to help recede the quick. Once at the desired length monthly is okay.

Some pets tend to only get their nails done when they get groomed and this is not something we recommend as it can cause your dogs discomfort and will increase the likelihood of a nail bleed at their next trim.

Reminder that all services are by appointment only.

What payment types do you accept?

We prefer Interac/Debit, MasterCard & Visa. Cash is accepted though we may not have exact change as we are not operating a till during the pandemince. If you would like to pay cash we can provide your total when we call for pick-up. Thank you!

Do you work with difficult dogs?

We have a groomer that is comfortable attempting work with difficult dogs. Please indicate in your request form that your dog is difficult and we can discuss the details.

In most cases, difficult dogs do best with introductory visits (nail trims, baths etc.). Where this is not possible (matting) a shavedown will be required and we will assess your dog's behaviour and recommend a grooming schedule we think will help their comfort level.

Puppy Grooming

When should my puppy come for their first groom?

It’s important to have your puppy groomed as soon as possible so they can get used to the process.

Whether here or elsewhere, your puppy will require grooming services for their entire lives, so we recommend they come in as soon as they have had their second set of vaccinations.

Initial puppy visits are entirely about comfort, safety, and becoming familiar with the grooming process. For this reason, full grooms (i.e. body styling) are unlikely to occur for the first visit, and in some cases, for several visits while they learn that this will become a regular part of their lives. For the first visit, most puppies will receive as many of our Bath & Tidy services as your pup will tolerate. Your groomer will then recommend the next steps based on their assessment of your pup’s response. Some puppies require more bath & tidy style visits as they gain comfort, trust and confidence in us and themselves.

Cat Grooming

Is cat grooming offered at your salon?

We groom cats! That said, cat grooming is rarely as straight forward as dog grooming. Please visit our Cat Grooming Page for details and policies.


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